Don't know how to stay up to date 2018?

Many of the local business owners and teams that have been a part of creating Stampr just want to feel like they are up to date and have the right marketing in place.

This is a simple guide on marketing strategy, how you should invest your resources and digital tools for local places. 

It's the foundation for all local places around the world in 2018, cafes, restaurants, salons, shops and what not.

Marketing strategy

It is 5x or more effective to invest in Retention then Acquisition.

It is shown in research for decades and is probably the single most important fact for local business to consider regarding growth, marketing and sales.

This is essential and simple, make sure people that visit your place want to come back.

Marketing budget

Congratulations it's the year of the people! 🎉  You don't need a large budget, the fundamentals of a local business success in 2018 only require time, focus and team effort. Returning customers are generated by improving the customer experience. As you understand by now, this is what you need to focus on from now on. 

Start the conversations with your team today, establish a shared understanding of the importance of focusing on the customer experience.

Tools for growth

Making sure to be available where your customers are. Your market size is limited as a local business but digital solutions extend your presence. 

Most of your possible customer's will either pass by your location, hear about your nice place from someone they know or find you on a search on the Internet.

Their experience and expectations of your business start there. What do they say about you? Your digital presence is a part of the experience of your business, take control of it and make it a part of your service.

Google for business
75% of all searches on the internet is done on Google. Google for business is free and makes your business available on related searches including maps.

Google for business is simple to setup and doesn't require any specific maintenance as it automatically stay synced with your facebook page.

Facebook page for local business
With over 2 billion users on Facebook, makes your Facebook Page more important than your own website. It is simple to get started, makes you available on any search engine, enables digital communication with and through your customers.

With more activity and likes on your page you increase the chance to attract new customers as you draw attention and stays top of mind.

Stampr for local business
Prepares your team for when your customer finally comes for a visit. This is the critical part of your marketing strategy; create a great customer experience at your place. Stampr for local business is your secret weapon, enabling a personalized VIP-service.

A personalized experience and simple regulars offer make your customer return more often, increase their purchase amount on each visit and promote your place to others.


Your regulars are 🔑  to your success.
The essentials of local business marketing in 2018 is free. 👌 

  1. Google for business
  2. Facebook page for local business
  3. Stampr for local business

Setup the tools today and onboard your team on your growth strategy for 2018. 🚀 

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